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Embracing Your Inner Hummingbird

The other day I purchased a hummingbird feeder. Not because I needed one, but because I have always been fascinated by the tiny birds. I have never seen one, but I am most impressed by the way they can hover in place, and then, in an instant, fly off to their next destination. They are fascinating creatures and perhaps we can draw inspiration from them to become the best versions of ourselves. Just like these tiny wonders of nature, we, too, have the power to be persistent and remarkable in our creative journeys. So, let's dive into the amazing facts and habits of hummingbirds and see how we can apply them to our daily lives as unstoppable, creative Black women!

Embrace Your Uniqueness:

Hummingbirds come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Embrace your uniqueness and let your individuality shine in your creative pursuits. There's no one quite like you, and that's your greatest strength!

Hover with Purpose:

Despite their small size, hummingbirds can hover in one spot with remarkable precision. Similarly, stay focused on your craft, and don't be discouraged if it feels like you're not moving forward. Hover with purpose, and soon enough, you'll break through!

Persist Through Seasons:

Hummingbirds undertake incredible migrations, showcasing their resilience and adaptability. As a creative woman, remember that your journey may have its seasons—times of productivity, growth, and even rest. Stay persistent through them all, and you'll keep progressing.

Flap Your Wings with Zeal:

Did you know that hummingbirds' wings can flap up to 80 times per second? While you might not be able to match that speed, approach your work with passion and enthusiasm. Your energy will radiate through your creations!

Cultivate Patience:

Hummingbirds wait patiently for the perfect moment to strike at a flower. Likewise, as a creative, learn to be patient with yourself and your progress. Great things take time to blossom.

Embrace Flexibility:

With their agile movements, hummingbirds can change direction swiftly. Be open to adaptability in your creative process. Sometimes, unexpected detours lead to the most remarkable outcomes.

Nourish Yourself:

Hummingbirds have a high metabolism and require constant nourishment from sweet nectar. Remember to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A well-nourished soul produces the most beautiful art.

Seek Color and Beauty:

Hummingbirds are naturally drawn to vibrant, colorful flowers. As a creative soul, surround yourself with beauty and seek inspiration in the world around you. Immerse yourself in art, music, and nature. And, Sis, wear your favorite color at least once a week!

Be Fearless:

Despite their size, hummingbirds are fearless and will protect their territory fiercely. Don't be afraid to stand up for your creative vision and protect your dreams from doubt or criticism.

Connect with Other Hummingbirds:

Hummingbirds are social creatures, and so are we! Connect with other like-minded creative souls. Join art communities, attend workshops, and engage in conversations that fuel your passion.

Remember, dear Creative Black Women, you are like the hummingbird—strong, persistent, and capable of creating wonders in the world. Embrace your unique journey, stay persistent through all seasons, and trust that your wings will take you to extraordinary heights.

With love and encouragement,


Baring My Soul Creations

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