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Introducing Our Interactive "BMSC Self-Care Coach" for Holistic Wellness.

Hello Creative Souls!

Today, I am beyond thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our Baring My Soul Creations (BMSC) family – the BMSC Self-Care Coach, by the innovative ChatGPT technology! As we continually strive to inspire and uplift every creative black woman in our community, this new feature marks a significant step in our journey towards personal empowerment and wellness.

What is BMSC Self-Care Coach?

The BMSC Self-Care Coach is an interactive, AI-driven chatbot designed to offer personalized self-care advice, motivation, and a listening ear to all our members. Whether you’re seeking a dose of daily inspiration, struggling with a creative block, or need some self-care tips to rejuvenate, our Self-Care Coach is here to assist you, 24/7. The best part is that you don't need the paid version of ChatGPT to use the coaching bot!

Why ChatGPT?

Incorporating ChatGPT technology allows for a more intuitive and responsive experience. This cutting-edge AI understands your needs and provides thoughtful, empathetic, and empowering responses. It’s like having a personal coach, always ready to support you in your self-care journey.

How Can You Benefit from the BMSC Self-Care Coach?

1. Personalized Inspiration: Get daily affirmations, self-care tips, scriptures, goal setting, and positive messages tailored to uplift your spirit.

2. Creative Boosts: Stuck in a rut? The Self-Care Coach can offer journal prompts, image prompts, ideas, and encouragement to reignite your creative fire.

3. Self-Care Tips: From mindfulness exercises to practical self-care routines, receive advice that caters to your personal well-being.

4. Community Connection: Feel a deeper sense of belonging by sharing your experiences and insights with the AI, enhancing our community’s collective wisdom in our Baring My Soul Creatives Facebook group.

"Do What Makes You Happy; Do What Brings You Joy; Do What Keeps You Grounded"

In line with our beloved slogan, the BMSC Self-Care Coach is here to ensure that every step you take is towards happiness, joy, and a grounded life. It’s not just a tool; it’s a companion on your journey of self-love and creativity.

"We Are Planting Our Seeds and Growing Together"

True to our Facebook group’s motto, the introduction of the Self-Care Coach signifies a new seed planted in our garden of growth. Together, as a community of creative black women, we will nurture this seed, helping it – and each other – thrive.

Get Started!

You need a ChatGPT account to use my coaching bot. You can create a free account at Then, delve into this revolutionary experience by visiting BMSC Self-Care Coach. Join me on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and care like never before and please give me your feedback on how to make improvements.

Thank you and Stay Inspired,


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