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Love is Love, Always!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Today I turned 56 years old. Last night I barely slept. I was bothered about the most recent events in my sons moving on and out of my house, my recovery after contracting Covid 19, one of my best friends passing away much too soon, another best friend losing her Mom, and just life in general. I cried. It wasn’t a ”boohoo, whoa is me” kind of cry. It was a soft cry, just enough tears to shed a little bit of my pain, apprehension, and loneliness. Then, I was fine...and I felt blessed to know the spirit of LOVE the way I do. Yes, love is a spirit. It envelopes you and soothes you even in the absence of what or who you can actually see. And, love is far-reaching. It settles deep in your bones where hatefulness can’t touch it! So, I woke up this morning feeling just a little bit more like myself. I celebrated God’s gift of life and mental clarity. And, I received confirmation from my Mom, as the last conversation of the evening, that love is love, always!

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