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A Meaningful Life

A new year has sashayed her way into time, holding some of her baggage from last year. And, as much as we try to state our new year's resolutions or vision board goals, the less we become convinced as the days go on. Now, I know what you're saying..."Girl, don't come over here trying to rain on my parade!" Lol...I swear to you, I am not. What I am simply trying to say is that life doesn't just reset when the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Day. Life resets when you have made up your mind that you WANT to have a meaningful life. A life with realistic goals and supportive people around you. A life that bares some of the weight of people who need your help. Because a meaningful life consists of reciprocity. One that consists of consistent exchange of encouraging words and gentility. This year, I want to make sure that my life has meaning, not only for myself, but for anyone I'm connected to. I want my life to be filled with hope, love, and understanding. I may not be exactly where I want to be right now, but by God's Grace, I will keep pushing for what I desire!

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