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Be Still

My Mom used to say, "Go and sit yo' behind down somewhere!" She said this when I was overly active, hyper sensitive, or just being rambunctious. It wasn't a request. It was a command to be still and put myself on pause before I got myself into trouble. In the Bible scripture, Psalm 46:10, God also commands us to "be still and know that He is God." He wants us to know that we can bring our troubled hearts to him and He will give us rest. God is omniscient - all knowing. We have to trust that God knows the desires of our heart. He knows about the sacrifices we have to make as women. He knows that we have to make tough decisions for our families. And, He even knows when we are weak, when outwardly we appear to be strong. As we move through this world, sometimes we don't get a "thank you" or even a breather until the next life-changing event. Our lives tend to bend out of shape and seem to get out of focus. But if we just be still, God will reveal the best ways to move forward.

Real talk...sometimes I have so much going on, I feel like I'm drowning. During those times, I have to sit with whatever I'm dealing with and seek God's guidance. I say my prayers and affirmations in the morning so they become common practice again. I write in my gratitude journal to recall how blessed I am to have survived some things that should have taken me out. But if I can't get out of my head, then I know it's time for professional help from a licensed therapist or a life coach. There's no shame in that because the testimony is in the test, Sis! Just remember, when life comes at you hard, the first rule is to just "be still and wait on God."

Be Blessed!


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