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Because God Says You Are

So, here we are again, celebrating the uniqueness of ourselves for Women's History Month. The month is almost over but, we all know that we don't need no reminder of how great we really are (and, yes I used a double-negative on purpose)! We know that we are great because God created us to be the gender to carry the lessons of love and devotion. It is not by chance that we stand upon the shoulders of men, searching for every option to keep our families safe and strong, to keep our options open, and to keep are options close. This is why women are so unique. We are always strategizing on ways to make our situation better. It is no wonder that a woman led many, enslaved people to their freedom or that women, with their keen mathematical abilities, helped men land on the moon. On behalf of all our Queen Mothers, we should always give ourselves and one another the credit we so deserve. We are composed of boundless and limited energy. We take up space and fill it with beautiful memories. We give birth to life and hope. And, WE are who we are because God says so!

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