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When Janet Jackson belts out - "I want to be the one in control!" - It's not just a declaration. It's an affirmation! Throughout my life, there has always been a tug of war over who or what will gain control over me. I'm thankful now that the "what" is not drugs, sex, or alcohol. But, at one point in my life, these things were in control and I did some things I'm not too proud of. But here's the crux...There is always going to be something or someone that wants to be the top dog in every situation. Because, the controller has the final say about the progress and the outcome of others. So, if you have a controlling spouse, controlling children, controlling supervisor, controlling debt, controlling negative thoughts, controlling addiction ...They will all drag you down and will keep you there until you regain the power to overcome it and the strength to maintain your self-awareness.

Now, I'm speaking from experience. I could not regain control of my life until I bossed up and said, "This is my life! I am the captain of my ship!" It took a lot of praying, journaling, and action. Yes, action! Because you can not get out of any situation without action! When you pray, you don't ask God to get you out. You pray for God to show you how! I promise you, your direction will become clear and you will be restored. So, if you feel like you're spiraling you're things are hopeless...sit still for a minute. Let the dishes go unwashed and the laundry pile up. Turn off the tv and your phone and just BE! My sons didn't know what to do when I did this. I even thought, "I must be depressed or losing my mind." But no, it was just the opposite. That was me regrouping, thinking, and regaining control of myself. And, I had to ask myself, "What's controlling me?" Some of the answers I received were not easy to digest. I didn't want to give up that no good But, I knew I had to, if I wanted peace and respect. I didn't want to give up bad spending habits, but I knew I had to in order to buy another house. And, I didn't want to stop drinking wine everyday, but my high blood pressure took care of that!

Now, we all know that we simply can not control every situation. We know that we can't control people and how they act or react. (If we could, we all would be super heroes, right!) The good news is that there are two things for sure that we can control: 1. How we refrain or dismiss ourselves from toxic people or situations. 2. How we reposition our lives to be the best we can be. Even if it means moving out or moving away, ok!

And, WE will do this as often as it needs to be done. "Never gonna stop...Sing!"

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