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Harnessing Creativity: The Role of Soul-Care in Empowering Black Women

Every great endeavor starts from within. For Black women, the need for taking care of ourselves has become our war cry as we deal with unsurmountable stress. More and more, we are finding ways to take a little time for ourselves; diving a little deeper into who are and how we came to be. So, integrating soul-care into their daily lives is not just a practice of wellness; it's a vital strategy to keep our creativity flowing and to maintain balance in our busy lives.

What is Soul-Care? Soul-care, in my opinion, transcends the typical self-care routines—it’s a more holistic approach that encompasses mental, spiritual, and physical health, tailored to the unique challenges faced by Black women. It’s about creating a space where one's spirit can thrive, thus enabling innovation and resilience in business or other personal ventures.

What's My Truth?: My truth is that I haven't been feeling my best lately and I have gained a considerable amount of weight. Normally around this time of year I would have completed at least one BMSC 21-Day Heath Challenge ", which not only helps to keep my blood pressure down, but helps me to map out a clear direction. I created this challenge to me and others to reconnect with our inner selves through praying, walking, and journaling. Here's the process:


Prayer for me is the bedrock of my soul-care practice. It offers a moment of peace in the chaos, a direct conversation with God, who provides me with guidance and reassurance. Meditating and reciting affirmations are also excellent practices to tap into the Divine Power.


There's something inherently therapeutic about walking, especially when done in nature. It's an act of physical wellness that also clears the mind and sparks creativity. Not to mention, there are significant, health benefits of losing weight and strengthening the heart just by for walking just 20-30 minutes a day.


Journaling is my way of decluttering my mind. It allows me to vent frustrations, celebrate successes, and articulate my aspirations. This practice is crucial as it helps me visualize my path forward and maintain focus on my goals.

Expert Insights on Soul-Care and Creativity:

  • Dr. Nicole LePera, a psychologist specializing in holistic wellness for entrepreneurs, emphasizes that “soul-care is crucial for mental agility.” She notes that practices like mindfulness and intentional rest can decrease cognitive load, making space for innovative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Iyanla Vanzant, a celebrated author, speaker, and spiritual teacher, often emphasizes the importance of self-care as a crucial aspect of personal growth and spiritual development. One of her notable quotes on self-care is, "You can't give what you don't have. You can't go out in the world and do for others what you have not done for yourself." This encapsulates her belief that caring for oneself enables one to care for others more effectively.

Practical Tips for Integrating Soul-Care:

  1. Mindfulness Mini-Breaks: Incorporate five-minute meditation sessions during your workday to clear your mind and foster focus.

  2. Reflective Journaling: Spend 10 minutes each morning writing down your goals, fears, and gratitude to cultivate a mindset geared towards growth and positivity.

  3. Community Connection: Attend or create networking events that focus not just on business growth, but also on building emotional and communal support among Black women.

Embracing soul-care is essential for any woman who wants to thrive in both business and life. By caring for our souls, we don't just enhance our own lives; we empower our communities, driving collective advancement and fostering an environment where creativity and prosperity flourish.

Join me on May 1st for our next BMSC 21-Day Health Challenge. We will be posting daily in the Baring My Soul Creatives, Facebook Group. Comment on this post and let’s continue to grow together in spirit and success.

Best Regards,


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