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“If it doesn’t belong to you, put it back!”

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

We have all heard this right? When I was a child, I was notorious for going into the store with my Mom and touching all the exciting and wonderful things. Now, this is after she gave me the talk before going into the store: “Don’t ask for nothing and don’t touch nothing!” But, I still managed to pick up something that caught my eye or I asked her for something I did not need. Well, as I develop my brand and craft my vision, I want to be careful about “picking up” someone else’s thoughts about what I should be doing, selling or writing...To put back or don’t buy into things I don’t need. And most importantly, to be authentic in my space in order to offer something that I need myself. I plan to do this by practicing three simple steps:

#1 Be true to thyself! Sis, it’s too exhausting to try to be someone I’m not. Trust, I spent years ”masking” at work. ”Masking” is a term used describe the different personality, temperament, speech pattern and dialect Black people often use in order to assimilate into a particular environment. But, when we’re at home around our family or in a place of comfort with friends, our true selves are unveiled. The fact is, the world doesn’t benefit if everyone is doing or saying the same thing and it certainly doesn’t benefit if we don’t show our authentic selves.

#2 Be Creative! I love this step because this is where I feel my best and where I can grow and expand to express myself thru my crafting, writing and poetry. I believe that everyone has gifts to share with others, but some of us haven’t given ourselves permission to explore our gifts. Or, sometimes we talk ourselves out of being great because of fear of failing. Sometimes, we just get in our OWN way!! Well, my beautiful Sistahs, today is the day to step out on FAITH! Today is the day to SHINE!

#3 Ask God for guidance. Now, some would argue that this should be the first step. But, I feel that God dispatches his angels to guide me each day. So, I use this step specifically to gain clarity and to dispel negative energy or feedback. And, I also use this step when I need to check my ego, okaaay! You see, God has a way of letting you know if you’re moving in the right direction and will move obstacles out of your way. He will also check you where you stand if you ask for discernment over a situation! Now, I don’t mean to sound “preachy” because that‘s not my lane. These are just things I know based upon MY experiences.

So Creatives, what steps do you practice to ensure that you are not picking up something that doesn't support your vision? What do you need to put back? Are you doing the things that make you happy...bring you joy...keep you grounded? As we travel down this journey together, let’s remember to connect and motivate one another so we ALL can imagine our possibilities. Luv is Luv, Always!

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