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Mind Your Own Business

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

I’ve always tried to avoid sticking my nose in situations where it doesn‘t belong. So, I tend to my own business, unless it has something to do with my sons. Then, I become a typical, meddling Mom. Ha! I also try to my mind own business when it comes to my dreams, plans, and interests. But, do I bring that same tenacity and energy to being aware of proposed legislations that may impact me? Or, am I minding my own business when it comes to someone else’s opinion of me? These are questions only I can answer, but I do understand that they require a little bit of self-examination on my part. Why? Because minding my own business is as critical as the air I breathe. And, the intention of this old adage is as apparent as my melonated skin. We, as African-American women, need to be sure that we have a voice in ALL things happening to US! So, let’s ‘Mind Our Own Business’ so we can continue to be seen as the remarkable, innovative, and intelligent Queens we are!

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