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Yep, I'm a P.U.N.K.

People who are close to me know that I am scary! Unashamedly, I can be afraid of aggressive people, sticky situations, and yes at times, success. Now in the past, I have been called a "punk" more times than I care to admit and I used my humor to soften the blow. But, the connotation of this word is to place a negative label on someone who is unable or unwilling to face her own least, this was the meaning in the neighborhood I was raised. If you were labeled a punk, you would be constantly and relentlessly teased until you drummed up enough nerves to fight back. Oooo, I am having flashbacks! So, let me put this into better context.

As a grown and talented woman, a cowardly approach to my life and my business is not an option. I have to speak up, put my big girl shorts on and face of my fears and adversaries boldly. To clarify, I don't think of an adversary as an enemy because an adversary can simply be a unsupportive relative, a negative friend, a stranger on social media, and even a disgruntled customer. I have come to understand that there will ALWAYS be someone who will try to punk me or throw me off my game with hurtful or insensitive comments. And, there will ALWAYS be a situation that scares me because I have never encountered it before. But, trust and believe that the worst adversary of all is called "SELF-SABATOGE." This is when I buy into my own negativity and punk MYSELF out of doing something!

So, I have decided to ditch the word "punk" by giving it an entirely new meaning...something that is not rooted in fear. Under "Baring My Soul Creations", I have created a collection called P.U.N.K, which stands for PASSIONATE, UNCONVENTIONAL, NOBLE, AND KIND. In fact, this is really who I am at the core. I am passionate about my craft as a writer, poet, digital artist, content creator, and business owner. I am not afraid to be unconventional and different in my approach. You can see this in some of my abstract designs and video creations on Instagram. And, I try to remind myself that I am a queen from noble descent and I am working on being more kind to myself everyday. So, yep, I'm a P.U.N.K. and proud of it!

If you are also a P.U.N.K., say this affirmation with me:

"I am strong, capable, and worthy of success. I choose to let go of fear and negativity and embrace my power and resilience as a talented and soulful Black woman."

Check out the P.U.N.K tees and totes at and get 10% off at checkout.

Be blessed,


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