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You Are Amazing

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

As I was reflecting over my life, I began to think of things I had not accomplished. I felt a moment of disappointment that slowly dissipated as I transitioned to thinking positive. The more I focused on the things I had accomplished, I realized I am AMAZING. I am not boasting, in fact, I feel very humble in associating myself with being AMAZING. I put the word amazing in all caps because I wanted to emphasize how amazing I felt about myself.

Too often the word amazing is expressed about other people in my life or even a celebrity or two. I tend to downplay anything I do that ends with success. Why? I am not sure. I believe there are others like me that never acknowledge their success but focus on what did not happen. Do I see the glass half full or half empty? I believe in seeing things half full because there is always more room for growth than thinking “I’m done, why try?” My accomplishments are simply a scratch off and move on to the next goal. It is others in my life that tells me I am amazing. I hear what their saying. but it is no big deal in my mind.

The revelation of seeing myself as AMAZING is quite refreshing. It is a big deal that I achieved many goals and is living a successful life. Many of you reading this blog, may have always seen yourself as being AMAZING. Thank you for acknowledging your truth. For those who have struggled like me in recognizing how AMAZING you are. Let us start today in saying “I AM AMAZING!” as a part of our daily affirmation. You may not accomplish all your goals in life and let that be okay. Keep setting goals that helps you to walk in your purpose. Continue to live life with purpose and be mindful that “YOU ARE AMAZING.”

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