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Heritage Picnic Collection - Picnic Blanket

Heritage Picnic Collection - Picnic Blanket

SKU: 12740340210098233609

Create your perfect picnic experience with our Heritage Picnic Collection. Tailor your bundle by selecting one item from the Collection at 10% off and receiving one lower priced item at 15% off. For example, if you purchase the Picnic Blanket and the insulated Picnic Bag (highest priced items) at 10% off, you will receive a 15% discount on both the Wine Tote and Tote Bag (lowest priced items). Basically, buy a higher priced item at 10% off and receive a lower priced item at 15% off. This flexibility allows you to choose the items that best suit your outdoor gatherings, ensuring a memorable and stylish picnic.


Choose from the following items:


1. **Picnic Blanket**

   Our Heritage Picnic Blanket is perfect for any outdoor setting, providing comfort and style for your gatherings. Made with premium materials, this blanket is both soft and durable, ensuring it withstands multiple uses. One size 61' x 51'. Printed on one side. 


2. **Tote Bags**

   Choose between a red or black handle for your tote bag, crafted from spun polyester. These bags feature double-stitched seams, cotton webbing straps, and a nonwoven laminate lining for exceptional durability. Perfect for carrying all your picnic essentials with ease.

   - **Material:** 100% polyester, medium-weight fabric (6.49 oz/yd² / 200 g/m²)

   - **Features:** Non-woven laminate inside, cotton handle


3. **Insulated Wine Bag**

   Carry your favorite wine in style with our insulated wine bag. Designed to keep your wine at the ideal temperature, this bag is perfect for wine lovers who enjoy outdoor picnics.


4. **Large Insulated Picnic Bag**

   Keep your food and drinks perfectly chilled with our large insulated picnic bag. Its spacious design and excellent insulation make it ideal for carrying a full picnic spread, ensuring everything stays fresh and enjoyable.


**Bundle & Save**

Enhance your outdoor gatherings with a personalized touch. Whether you’re planning a family outing, a romantic picnic, or a Juneteenth event, our customizable bundle offers the flexibility and value to make every picnic perfect.

  • Items May Be Shipped Separately

    The items selected may be produced by different vendors.  Therefore, they may arrive in separate packages and on different dates.  Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery of all items.  If there are any unexpected delays beyond 10 business days, you will be notified immediatley. Questions may be emailed to 

Excluding Sales Tax

Bundle & Save 15%

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