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Welcome to My Affiliate Referral Page

Your subscriptions to the companies shown below will not only help me with my promotional needs, but they will help you grow as a Creative, as well. Let's water our seeds and grow together!  Note: I will receive a royalty payment for any paid affiliate subscriptions. Thank you for your consideration.

C. Booker Hamilton. 

I'm An Amazon Associate!

Please Note: I am not personally responsible for the results or outcome of these products. As an Amazon Associate, I recommend products that enhance mental, physical, and spiritual wellness for African American women.  Amazon will pay me with a small commission if you purchase thru my affiliate link.  Thank you. 


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Creative Fabrica

A one - shop stop for creating digital art; purchasing clip art, text files, fonts, and templates; exploring how - to - videos; and so much more!

Click Here for a Free Trial of Creative Fabrica.

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