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I Am Black History

Some would have us to believe that we, African-Americans, have no culture. We are often reminded that our ancestors were enslaved and striped of our language and any social and spiritual practices from Africa. Some people have the audacity to say we should just forget this horrific time in history because it happened so long ago. And, some people, even immigrants, would have us to believe that we have no place in a country our Ancestors built! For me, the road once traveled will always be the road my feet stay upon. Why? Because no matter how dismissive and divisive some people can be, there is one irrefutable fact - African-Americans contribute to every industry in this Country - science, art, music, dance, politics, literature, humanitarian, medical, space, legal, etc. We have birthed ideas and invented master pieces, most of which have been misappropriated. After 400 years of slavery and many years of systematic oppression, we still remain strong and proud. We still are loving and forgiving people. Yes, we have our struggles with generational curses passed down from our oppressed conditions, but our uniqueness is our collective courage to keep going. I think I can speak on behalf of my people by saying - This month doesn't define who we are because WE ARE BLACK HISTORY all year round - and the way we love and survive in America is our culture!

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